Eight Ways That SEO Can Mean “Screw Everyone Over”

Trying to game search engines makes the Internet a worse place. Customers, companies, and the common good of the Internet itself all suffer when you generate content pollution. While there are plenty of legitimate ways to make your content more findable, none of them should take priority over content authenticity and effectiveness. Publish good content, written and structured well, focused on the needs of your intended audience, and you’ll get all

Huddle for Excellence In Healthcare Delivery

The question “would you recommend us to a friend?” has become ubiquitous. Across industries, including healthcare, businesses ask this question to capture a simple metric. called the Net Promoter Score℠, which measures how actively your best advocates would speak for you.1 For medical practices and hospitals, it offers a simple way to gauge sentiment about the patient experience. But despite its familiarity, the Net Promoter metric amounts to little if

Three Research Techniques For Patient Experience Breakthroughs

So an anthropologist walks into a doctor’s office… No, this is not the set up to a joke. Instead, it’s the start of an intensive process that provider groups and hospitals can use to understand the patient experience in depth. It offers powerful tools to identify gaps that lead to lower satisfaction or engagement, and thereby spot improvement opportunities. Using fieldwork techniques from anthropology sheds light on what’s working and