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10 Questions to Transform Thought Leadership Campaigns

Do you want to create truly transformative thought leadership? Develop clear and compelling answers to the following ten questions.

    1. What does the audience already know and feel about this topic?
    2. How do your ideas change the audience for the better?
    3. What do you want to happen after you’ve convinced your audience and earned their trust?
    4. What do you need to explain or clarify to support your ideas??
    5. What evidence do you have for the claims you are making?
    6. What objections or opposition might you have to overcome?
    7. What makes your ideas and claims about the topic unique?
    8. What exactly entitles you to promote these ideas (skills, experience, capabilities)?
    9. How can you distill your ideas into three key messages?
    10. What other formats or media can you use to get your ideas across?

While the questions seem simple enough, the real art is in pushing the answers to them as far as you can take them.

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