10 Ways to Restore Passion and Joy

Passion and joy can seem a bit tidal, ebbing and flowing. When I notice the tide going out a little bit too far, here’s what helps. They are simple things, but it’s easy to forget them when you’re feeling a bit disconnected from what drives you. They help restore passion and joy, and they also advance your skills and wisdom.

  1. Go on a walk. Current destination: Corona del Mar tidepools
  2. Listen to music and jump/dance around the house. Currently on repeat: Dry Cleaning, Kilo Kish, Vitalic, Alvvays
  3. Experiment in the kitchen. Current obsession: roasted squash seeds with various seasonings
  4. Explore something new. For me it’s making music. Current devices: 1010Music Nanoboxes
  5. Go hard in the gym. Current goal: Pushing myself into the 1,000 pound club
  6. Travel somewhere that reminds me how much I love home. Last destination: San Diego
  7. Inhabit a new voice. Currently reading: Frontier by Can Xue
  8. Clean something cluttered. Currently doing: Deleting unnecessary video call recordings
  9. Take a break to take stock, even just a few hours. Currently planning: Six uninterrupted hours of journaling, list-making, and maybe even talking to myself 
  10. Share your insights with others in a way that remind you why they matter. Currently scheduled: upcoming guest slots on two fantastic podcasts

What they all have in common is getting out of your own head. Things will get stale and moldy in there. Find some air!

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