Three Simple Reasons That Cause Unsubscribes

Disappointed in your rate of email unsubscribes? Make sure to attend to three simple reasons that may be draining your audience. 1) The email list is under-segmented. In other words, you are sending emails that are not targeted precisely enough. Recipients don’t find your emails relevant to their needs or interests. Tip: Instead, use whatever […]

The Eight Types Of Strategy Execution

After many years on the front lines of efforts to translate good ideas into good outcomes, I’ve observed a few common themes that define the contours of strategy execution. In general, strategy execution is defined by where a team, and above all, its leadership, operate, along three axes. Finding or recovering executional momentum means succeeding […]

Planning To The Power Of Three

While it’s not a replacement for detailed, methodical planning, I use a simple “Power Of Three” approach to keep my work and my goals aligned. Its purpose is to prioritize and create a framework that shapes detailed planning. It works because it highlights meaningful outcomes alongside finished work. And it works as effectively for work […]

The Consultative Dilemma

This piece by Jared Spool offers some of the most helpful insights I have ever read about the dilemmas of being a consultant and being passionate about results and outcomes, working with clients, and managing one’s own expectations as a strategic advisor. And with a good dose of surreal humor, too. Beyond consulting, it applies in any […]

Aligning “Should” and “Must”

This beautiful essay on “Should” versus “Must” re-inspires me every time I read it. It focuses on the dynamics of obligations versus calling. And while I do agree that Should and Must are different, the subtle art of being an entrepreneur is channeling the Shoulds to achieve the Musts. Yes, I “should” sort out the complexities […]