Twelve Months of Two Drops

This year I have had the good fortune of working as a monthly contributor on Two Drops of Ink, regularly recognized in annual lists of the best blogs on writing for writers. It’s been a wonderful opportunity, and I am looking forward to another year interacting with the editors and writers who make up the […]

Combating and Defeating Thought Leadership Resistance

Every marketing and communications strategy requires some alignment with the business, but thought leadership needs more than mere alignment. It requires a deep relationship between marketer/communicators and subject-matter experts. That relationship is so close that it could almost be called symbiosis: close, frequent, and mutual interaction throughout the entire lifecycle. That requirement can seem off-putting […]

Train Your Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are notorious ankle-biters. Some owners and trainers attribute it to the small size of the breed. Others cite (probably) apocryphal stories that chihuahuas were bred to harass opponents in battle, keeping them distracted with a frustrating pack of nipping animals. Those of us more focused on the twenty-first-century workplace have our own chihuahuas to […]

Moving the B2B Payments Ball Forward

Payments from businesses to vendors and suppliers remain a huge pain point in the payments ecosystem. I can speak from personal experience as a provider of B2B services. While most clients pay on time, the risks of late and non-payment can create a lot of anxiety. The pressure only intensifies for manufacturers of wholesale products, […]

Are You Planning for 2020 Thought Leadership?

Don’t make thought leadership an afterthought in your 2020 planning. The fourth quarter of the year usually means thinking through your strategy, plans, and budgets for marketing and communications. But if thought leadership has not been a major component of your planning in the past, it’s easy to get caught in “template blindness.” Most companies […]