21 Ways to Make 2021 A Better Year

The challenges and complexities of 2020 have been a good reminder that future outlooks can change dramatically with unforeseen situations. The same is true for many of our annual goals, the things we plan to do more or less of, and the outcomes we want to achieve.

We can, however, control our aspirations and commitments. If unexpected circumstances arise, we can still stay true to those commitments, even as we make necessary adjustments to the way we work. We can still find ways to better the world in line with our belief systems and values.

As a thought leadership strategist for financial services and fintech clients, here’s my list of things I want to commit to making and doing better.

      1. Greater willingness to lead with ideas and insights
      2. Fewer personal and organizational barriers to the production and publication of thought leadership
      3. Helping people amplify their voices
      4. Promoting the value of communication as sharing and connecting rather than broadcasting
      5. Cultivating the love of just the right word, just the right turn of phrase
      6. Bringing clarity and simplicity to even the most complex topics
      7. Recognizing that data only has meaning with context
      8. Writing for human readers rather than algorithms
      9. Uncompromising respect for the value of people’s time and attention
      10. Trusting in people’s intelligence and best intentions
      11. Driving towards better and better every time
      12. More inclusiveness of diverse perspectives and points of view
      13. Remembering that there’s always more to the story
      14. Maintaining clarity on collaboration norms, roles, decision-making, and decision authority
      15. Dismantling the systems and processes that lead to “lowest common denominator” outcomes
      16. Taking so-called best practices with a large grain of salt
      17. Readiness to point out the emperor’s new clothes when necessary
      18. Never settling for cheap, easy, or convenient
      19. Continually seeking out new information and opportunities to learn
      20. Living my values in all things
      21. Kindness, kindness, kindness

What’s on your list?

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