7 Reasons Your Health Practice Should Offer A Mobile App Store

The time is now for larger medical practices and health groups to offer curated app stores for their patients. We see seven key trends contributing to this recommendation:

  1. It’s the “wild west” out there for patients. Even before the latest wave of fitness/health tracking phones, there were well over 100,000 health, wellness and fitness apps out there. Source: New England Journal Of Medicine
  2. There is strong consensus that the right apps can improve health outcomes. 93% of doctors say apps can improve patients’ health and outcomes. Source: CDW Healthcare
  3. It’s already happening piece-meal. 31% of doctors are recommending apps to patients already. Source: Digital Insights Group
  4. You may fall behind if you don’t. Health systems are beginning to innovate, including Atlantic Health System (NJ) and Ochsner Health System (LA)
  5. Demand is growing with generational shifts. 71% of millennials would be interested in a doctor giving them a mobile app to actively manage their health and provider relationship. Source:
  6. Apps help cement patient engagement. 65% consumers with one or more of health apps on their phones or tablets are using these apps at least once each week. Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers Health Research Institute
  7. Offering apps helps you control the foundation for future cost savings. Half of providers already see cost reduction as the emerging top benefit of mobile in healthcare. Source: EIU/SAP study
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