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The New Metric of Influence

Are you bold enough to rethink the way you measure thought leadership outcomes? You can do it! Stop chasing numbers. Say no to metrics like views, clicks, likes, and leads. Stop worrying about SEO. Instead, start having conversations. Ask your sales team, “Did you use this in a meeting? How did it help you? What […]

Winning the Crypto Credibility Battle

US approval of ETFs will have big downstream implications for marketing and thought leadership in crypto. Many emerging companies won’t be ready. Here’s why. Crypto becoming institutional in such a large investment market will open up space for more crypto service providers with institutional-class offerings. But the question is, do they know what an institutional […]

Decoding Deception

People sure do like making proclamations. You know what I mean…those passing observations or insights, phrased as some sort of universal truth. They seem to work well as hooks. But the thing is, they have the form of truth claims, but they rarely have any truth value. They are performances. They mimic truth claims because […]

The Art of Conversations

Marketing is a monologue. Sales is a dialogue. Most of the time… But it doesn’t have to be that way. Marketers can and should do better than trying to squint past the stage lights to see whether “the audience” is sleeping, squirming, or smiling.

Trustworthy Marketing

Marketers often get a bad rap, especially in complex B2B. Their peers in other areas of the business tend to think marketing just doesn’t get it. They overcompensate by trying to demonstrate results with data that is divorced from outcomes anyone actually wants or needs. It creates a disconnect between marketers who are experts in […]