The Power of High-Value Thought Leadership in B2B

If you think about spending $200K to develop one major anchor piece of thought leadership, your immediate reaction might be that it’s far too expensive. On the surface, it may sound egregious. Who has budgets like that? Very few. On the other hand, in certain B2B categories and segments (high-trust, high-ticket products and services), if […]

Stay Ahead of the Curve: 2024 Thought Leadership Strategy

Here we are in September, and yes, it is time to start planning your approach to thought leadership in 2024. I’ve noticed companies that don’t have a plan in place before the start of the year tend to get stuck and not produce anything until much later in the year. Companies with a plan in […]

Unconventional Perspectives: Marketing, Thought Leadership, and Writing

I fully admit it. It’s weird and maybe a bit alienating to talk about marketing through the lens of ethical philosophy, thought leadership through the lens of epistemology, and writing through the lens of formal aesthetics and phenomenology. It’s just the after-effect of coming at my current profession from a non-traditional path deep within the […]

The Thought Leader’s Dilemma: From Clicks to Impactful Connections

Imagine you have a choice. You can be a “thought leader” who can take a few tens of thousands of social media engagements as guaranteed for every single post. Or you can be a “thought leader” whom the top 100 decision makers in your field are likely to call when they have a question, challenge, […]

From ‘Demand’ to ‘Delight’: Transforming Your Marketing Paradigm

Everything changes when you realize that “demand” is just an anagram for “damned.” Many marketers (maybe most) live in a world of pain and demand and targeting. These are the actual words used. Ok, “but they are just metaphors.” There’s no such thing as just a metaphor, my friends. If you can get your marketing […]