Simple but Tough Questions

Six weeks left in 2022. It’s a great time to shift focus to the year ahead. I like to do this by sitting with simple but tough questions. I make sure to give myself ample time to think about my answers, speaking aloud, journaling, or just internal monologue. I also go back to what my […]

Disagreement Should Not Be Upsetting

Disagreement should not be upsetting. I come from an academic background where people could disagree in public vehemently and then go out for collegial dinner and drinks afterward. Not as an exception but as a norm. It’s just how debate happened when people had different approaches to a text or topic. Of course, there were […]

Advice vs Transformation

Tips, formulas, how-tos… So limiting. Stories about 10X results and the like almost seem to demand emulation. But are they true? Even if they are true, are they relevant? Even if they are relevant, what do they assume? How much of their actual outcome is a function of someone else’s goals, someone else’s context and […]

The Zero-Based Approach

Zero-based thinking is powerful. Do your planning and allocating from scratch whenever you are doing a reset or hitting a milestone (like a new year). • Zero-based budgets: don’t increment past numbers. Start from zero and justify everything. • Zero-based time management: don’t tweak your calendar and to-do lists. Start them from a blank page. […]

Theory Is a Marketing Fundamental

Theory matters. People want examples and practical tips. Make it tangible. Make it easy to understand. But the understanding of what “it” is is impoverished if “it” lacks clarity and rigor, if “it” emerges from vague presuppositions and assumptions. Premises linger underneath what we say unless we unearth and expose them. Those premises may be […]