A Big Year for Thought Leadership

If my first day client calls are any indication, 2023 is going to be a big year for marketing via thought leadership. Why? It offers an optimal balance between impact and cost. Distribution is measurable. It creates significant opportunities to reuse, reframe, and repurpose. It helps companies stand apart from others with similar offerings. It […]

AI-Driven Content Generation

How many people who have participated or been complicit in the content-ification of text, writing, and communication now need to consider the implications of AI-driven content generation? Most of us, really. I’m not at all excepting myself from this question. But here come the consequences. My point is, we humans are generally not very good […]

The 4.5 Questions

Here’s a simple way to spare yourself an enormous amount of crap and get lots of your own time back. In just 4.5 questions: What is this? Why does it matter? Is what I am hearing true? And in which contexts? Why is THIS person saying it? The harder part is learning to replace immediate […]

Waiting for the Data

Often, the findings of new studies “demonstrate” something one could easily find somewhere in millennia’s worth of literary, philosophical, and religious work. Not in obscure corners of cultural history, but in foundational texts. I’m mostly just bemused to see all that time and budget spent on something found and not really even lost in our […]

Creation or Convenience

Printed dictionaries are amazing! Earlier this week, I needed to break out my Italian dictionary to write a comment in Italian. It reminded me of how much fun it is to look up words, seeing how the various options both do and don’t match depending on context and nuance, looking at example phrases, exploring other […]