A Cautionary Tale of Hiring Writers

A parable about hiring thought leadership writers… Imagine buying and paying for a Range Rover, but ending up with a terrible car that is clunky and doesn’t even go where you want it to. It’s frustrating. Infuriating. What’s even more galling—people are expecting you to take them places. You then have to spend even more […]

AI Content Creation: Good Enough vs. Crafted Communication

Using AI to create is just fine for creating content that only needs to be “good enough.” I recently used a tool that automatically assembles stock video clips based on keywords in a given script. Clips are well-rendered, transitions are smooth, the background music and automated voiceover are fine. A videographer or professional editor would […]

Cultivating Conscious Content Consumption

Did you wake up this morning wanting to consume some content? Did you consume any good content this weekend? Did you visit any content stores (in person or online)? Oddly phrased questions for a reason—I’m pretty sure that the only people who care about content qua content are the owners of the containers. As for […]

Unmasking the Battle for Genuine Communication in a Formulaic Content World

A few thoughts about generative AI and LinkedIn “bros.”* * LI bros: Heavy LI posters (essentially always men of a certain generation) who promise to 10x everything, and provide you with frameworks, templates, courses, etc. ** Heat death: A hypothetical end state of any system, up to and including the Universe, in which energy is […]

AI’s Self-Inflicted Quandary

“Researchers warn of ‘model collapse’ as AI trains on AI-generated content.” It’s funny—I talked about this risk a few months ago, but I didn’t come up with an attention-worthy phrase for it. The lesson is not about my (limited) prophetic abilities. It’s about the power of memorably naming core concepts as a way to drive […]