The Role of Thought Leadership

Thought leadership provides the ideal balance between cost and impact for complex B2B topics like financial innovation.  It’s not exactly inexpensive (time, effort, support costs), but: It can/should be crafted with actual decision makers in mind. It can/should be delivered directly into their hands. It shifts their understanding of their own business challenges and possible […]

Leadership and Career Advice From Aesop

More leadership and career advice from Aesop… A Fir Tree said boastingly to the Bramble, “You are useful for nothing at all; while I am everywhere used for roofs and houses.” The Bramble answered:  ‘You poor creature, if you would only call to mind the axes and saws which are about to hew you down, […]

A Marketer Is Like a Great Bartender

A marketer is like a great bartender: Able to deliver the basics like a martini with easy finesse Able to create a novel and complete wow moment with edgy combinations of notes like absinthe and tarragon Able to reach multiple audiences with a few elevated mocktails on the menu Able to keep patrons engaged Able […]

I Got Addicted — Again

I had to face it. I got addicted — again. I went from doing it a few times a day to doing it almost anytime I found myself between two tasks. Once again, I had made myself a news-aholic. Several times a day, I was doing the loop of my favorite news sites. I was […]

Simple but Tough Questions

Six weeks left in 2022. It’s a great time to shift focus to the year ahead. I like to do this by sitting with simple but tough questions. I make sure to give myself ample time to think about my answers, speaking aloud, journaling, or just internal monologue. I also go back to what my […]