Why Not Everyone ‘Getting You’ is a Good Thing

There’s a possible downside to a personal brand.* What if people don’t get it? Or they don’t get you? The fear is that “not getting you” means some people don’t understand you or even like you all that much. But keep in mind that when people don’t get you, they also don’t get the benefit […]

The Power of AI in Pitch Decks

“GPT-4-generated pitch decks are 3x more likely to secure funding than human ones.” (according to Clarify Capital) Do you think the takeaway from this finding is that you should use ChatGPT or other tools to create your pitch deck? Think again—it’s actually telling us three things:

Boosting Productivity and Happiness

“A company replaced all of its managers with coaches. Employees became 20% more productive–and much happier.” (Source) I absolutely love this idea. The problem with the traditional management model is that middle managers can’t escape from self-interest. They have to think that way if they want to climb the ladder. They have to think that […]

Cracking the Code: Boosting B2B Sales Efficiency Beyond Marketing Expenses

A study of B2B companies found that just one in 20 was able to consistently grow sales faster than sales and marketing expenses. (Cited in Harvard Business Review) Measuring “commercial productivity” is a great way to quantify the symptom. However, it’s more important to find and fix the causes of low productivity. Here are a […]

Five Use Cases for ChatGPT in Thought Leadership

1. Ghostwriter Interview Prep Prompt: “Act as an [industry] expert. What are the 5 most important things I need to know about [topic]? Explain it to me like I am [audience description].” Value: Saves time in creating interview questions and learning topic basics 2. Conventional Wisdom Detection Prompt: “Why is [section or paragraph focus] important […]