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Breaking Free from the Commodity Box

So many thought leadership efforts get stuck in the commodity box. So how can they break out and keep out?

First, focus on insight. Make sure you’re not just creating safe or informational content. It’s easy, but low value. Instead, help people rethink an issue.

Next, make your POV personal. The best thought leadership shares something tied to experiences and perspectives that can only come from you. No conventional wisdom.

VALUE + ORIGINALITY are essential to any creator. This is the big idea in Jay Acunzo’s Idea Impact Matrix.

But there’s something else. Remember that thought leadership is meant to create change. It has to take people from insight to action, and inspire them to do something differently.

If your thought leadership doesn’t change the way your company does business, the way your industry works, or the way markets operate, it’s just thought, without the leadership.

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