How to Write Marketing Emails

Before you write your next marketing email or newsletter… Spend two hours reading as many of the marketing emails and newsletters you’ve received as you can. Everything you’ve let languish in your inbox. I mean, actually read them. Don’t just open them. Was it a good use of your time? How do you feel? How […]

Don’t Trust Anyone

“This tactic worked for me” ≠ this tactic will work for you. This tactic is working for them ≠ this tactic should become my strategy. Be careful what you read, and, more important, be careful what you do with it. Don’t trust anyone with “answers” until you understand what their question was. Don’t trust anyone […]

Writing Tip: Illuminate What’s There

The best writing should be like the light in the desert.  Sharpness that verges on the hyperreal  Clarity in the relationship between foreground and background Wide perspective and intense focus on every nook and nuance of a topic No detail beyond what is vividly and presently there Strive for these goals in the framing of […]

Don’t Start Sentences With “This”

It’s #writingtiptuesday. No, that’s not a thing, but maybe it should be? Don’t start sentences with “this” as a way to refer back to your previous sentence. 🚫 “This is a bad idea.”  Why? It’s never entirely clear what you are referring to (i.e., the antecedent is vague). Do I mean that my rule is […]

Content Glut

Content glut…it’s an ugly phrase for an ugly situation. But if you focus on sharing insights beyond the status quo in a voice that stands out from the noise and drone, you can create glut-busting content.