New Hire: Vanessa Drucker Joins Syncresis as a Senior Writer

Experienced financial journalist Vanessa Drucker is joining Syncresis in the role of Senior Writer. She specializes in writing, editing, and research across a wide range of thought leadership and marketing content formats. In her work, Drucker draws on both her legal and academic background.

I’m Not Content with Content

I use the word “content” easily a dozen times on an average day, but I don’t like it. It conveys an underlying belief that websites, databases, and electronic files are containers just waiting for something to come along and fill them, like stuffing in a pillow or mud in a hole.

Book Review: The Practice, Seth Godin

Seth Godin’s latest book, The Practice, may read like a manifesto about doing creative work, but beyond the apparent surface, it makes a beautiful, inspiring case for generosity and commitment in whatever we do. The concepts apply much more broadly than to work such as writing, music, or the visual arts. Arguably, we are creative in how we lead, how we solve problems, and how we interact with others, too. We can bring many of Godin’s ideas to bear in those dimensions of work as well.

An Unexpected Reason Why Grammar Matters

Grammar matters because it expresses relationality. That is, it specifies the relationships between and among entities, events, and ideas. Most readers do not map this out in their minds, But for writers, the more precise they are, the more likely they are to bring an intense focus to the syntactical dimension of grammar, i.e., constructing sentences, linking those sentences, and, finally, orchestrating their flow into a complete piece of writing.