An Unexpected Reason Why Grammar Matters

Grammar matters because it expresses relationality. That is, it specifies the relationships between and among entities, events, and ideas. Most readers do not map this out in their minds, But for writers, the more precise they are, the more likely they are to bring an intense focus to the syntactical dimension of grammar, i.e., constructing sentences, linking those sentences, and, finally, orchestrating their flow into a complete piece of writing.

Twelve Months of Two Drops

This year I have had the good fortune of working as a monthly contributor on Two Drops of Ink, regularly recognized in annual lists of the best blogs on writing for writers. It’s been a wonderful opportunity, and I am looking forward to another year interacting with the editors and writers who make up the […]

Four Things You Should Expect from a Ghostwriter

Not everyone has the time or talent to write. While I have not seen any specific studies, it is not unreasonable to assume that the majority of C-level executives do not develop their own articles or speeches. In my own experience, most people with a significant span of responsibilities within a company prefer not to […]

A 12-Point Checklist for Press Releases

People are often perplexed by the nuances of a press release. Unlike more free-form content formats, press releases have very specific rules and conventions. Here you are with an exciting new product or publication or announcement, excited to get the word out, but you risk falling flat by releasing something that does not look like […]

“Ugh, who wrote this?” (The Marketing Content Voice)

As someone who both writes marketing content in healthcare and who advises companies on their content strategy and messaging, one of the most persistent and complex questions I come across in my work is the question of voice. Look at it first from the patient perspective. Patients want content that is clear and easy to […]