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To Redistribute or To Derive?: Unmasking the Contradiction

It’s “wrong” to seek redistribution, right? Yet, somehow, accumulation, appropriate, and derivation are a “success story.” An example: It would be absurd if someone called for big tech companies to pay out the entirety of their profits to people around the world. Of course. But it’s brilliant that these same companies ingest our creativity and […]

The Art of Mindful Living

When do your lights flash red? Do you have a way to manage them? People often describe me as calm, reassuring, steady, focused, unbothered, and empathetic. It’s not inaccurate, but almost no one knows about my clenched fists and feet, my tight jaw muscles, my hypervigilance, my inner hermit always looking for the exits and […]

The Three-Step Formula for Career Resilience

Career change. Self-renewal. Growth. What the French?! Whether you want to get out of a dead-end role or a toxic environment, or have to react to harsh circumstances like downsizing, you can follow a three-step process that builds on itself. I explain the process in detail, with many personal examples, from faculty in a university […]

Unleashing the Voice of Tech Founders

It’s HARD building a new technology or business solution. But worse, it’s SAD doing so and getting nowhere with investors or early adopters. So much effort spent on enabling change that ends up not happening… What you need is a story to tell and a compelling message. Because vision is only in your head. Stories […]