Sense of Simplicity

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, but I do like thinking about my intentions for the year through the lens of an annual theme. For 2022, it’s “simple.” Like most simple ideas, there’s a lot beneath the surface: decency, kindness, strength, vulnerability, and humans loving humans even when it’s difficult. For me, that sense of […]

Looking Back and Ahead

A good year is almost always a mix of soaring and stumbling. Yet, somehow, it all comes together as growth. Ideally, each year we learn more and more deeply what matters and what doesn’t. We get better at choosing how to focus our energy and talents on our values. Even if our steps wobble or […]

Weighing the Internet

How much does the Internet weigh? Not the physical infrastructure but the data. Well, since all data is digital, the answer comes down to the weight of an electron. And that means the estimated amount of 2 zettabytes of global Internet data would add up to 5 ounces / 142 grams. Like a medium apple. […]

Circumstances to Opportunities

When adverse circumstances or nasty surprises arise, it takes art and courage to turn them into transformational opportunities. But more often than not, what lies on the other side turns out brighter and better than where you were before. So if that’s the case, why wait for eventualities when you can take transformation into your […]