The Lure of Thoughtertainment

Thoughtertainment is my word for content that looks like thought leadership on the surface but, in fact, serves other ends. As the word suggests, some of it may even be entertaining to read and think about. But the deeper you dig, the more you realize that it just doesn’t have a lot of substance. It’s not ultimately about anything.

Fox Joins FinTech Marketing Mentorship Program

Christopher G. Fox, Managing Partner and Founder, Syncresis, has joined some of the world’s top senior level, C-Suite business leaders, FinTech start-up founders, marketers, and leading academicians within the FinTech community as a mentor for rising professionals in the area of FinTech marketing.

I’m Not Content with Content

I use the word “content” easily a dozen times on an average day, but I don’t like it. It conveys an underlying belief that websites, databases, and electronic files are containers just waiting for something to come along and fill them, like stuffing in a pillow or mud in a hole.

Saying No at the Right Time

The better you get at learning what tasks to take on, the better you get at spotting those tasks that just don’t make sense for you. While some tasks fit your talents and match your personal development goals quite well, others may simply be better suited for other people. You also become adept at seeing which projects and client relationships are part of your overall plan and which ones keep you in stasis or even erode your talents.

10 Kindness Imperatives

An effective communication strategy must always be predicated on kindness. In fact, everything we do entails such kindness imperatives. Here are 10 ways to activate kindness in your daily work and life.