How to Write Marketing Emails

Before you write your next marketing email or newsletter… Spend two hours reading as many of the marketing emails and newsletters you’ve received as you can. Everything you’ve let languish in your inbox. I mean, actually read them. Don’t just open them. Was it a good use of your time? How do you feel? How […]

Fundamental Principles of Marketing and Communication

“Two fundamental principles of marketing and communication:  Attention is a limited and non-renewable resource. Communicators have a moral obligation to earn it and use it well.  Transgression is generative. New thinking requires crossing the lines of old norms.” Read my full interview with Genius X for more.

Thought Leadership and AI

Thought leadership consulting is like skin care. At least that’s what this surreal cold email suggests. And since surrealism invites us to consider unexpected correlations, I figured I should give it a go. ✅ Attentive care to client needs ✅ Helping tighten, brighten, and remove blemishes  ✅ Easy to commoditize but rate to excel ✅ […]

Asking Powerful Questions

question mark light

Such a powerful question for leaders and planners: “Would I want this outcome even if I didn’t know my role within it?” It’s a bit abstract, but think of it more concretely as “Would I design this process or organization this way if I didn’t know what my role would be?” The question surfaces issues […]

I’m Not Content with Content

I use the word “content” easily a dozen times on an average day, but I don’t like it. It conveys an underlying belief that websites, databases, and electronic files are containers just waiting for something to come along and fill them, like stuffing in a pillow or mud in a hole.