Podcast with Andrew Miller

I had an enormously good time speaking with Andrew Miller about, well, seemingly everything. Have a listen if you’re looking for a fun and wide-ranging discussion! Andrew advocates for Business Enjoyment in his work and his podcast—and that feeling clearly comes across in this conversation. Thanks for having me on, Andrew, and giving me a chance to talk about […]

The Data

Sometimes people invoke “the data” as a way to sidestep their own agency and accountability.

Saying No at the Right Time

The better you get at learning what tasks to take on, the better you get at spotting those tasks that just don’t make sense for you. While some tasks fit your talents and match your personal development goals quite well, others may simply be better suited for other people. You also become adept at seeing which projects and client relationships are part of your overall plan and which ones keep you in stasis or even erode your talents.

10 Kindness Imperatives

An effective communication strategy must always be predicated on kindness. In fact, everything we do entails such kindness imperatives. Here are 10 ways to activate kindness in your daily work and life.