Thought Leadership Is Dead

Thought leadership is dead. Long past its peak. Or at least, it could easily seem that way. The term is so overused that it seems meaningless. It has become a buzzword. But, there is still enormous value in the concept. Business audiences want: Insights on the trajectory of trends in their industry (emerging, rising, sustaining, […]

People Are Humans, Not Targets

Marketers like to ask questions like “what is the client/customer’s pain point?” You know what it often is? It’s burnout and frustration. It’s a lack of autonomy. It’s mental health. It’s the impossible double bind called work/life balance. It’s illegitimate power. It’s a burning planet. Why am I posting this screed? Because I want us […]

How to Stay Balanced

Syncresis turns 15 today!  On November 1, 2007, I filed the LLC paperwork for the business. And here we are, in 2022.  It’s not a linear story. Syncresis focused on digital patient engagement in healthcare, then communication strategy in several industries, and now on thought leadership for financial innovators. It has lived as a side […]

Don’t Trust Anyone

“This tactic worked for me” ≠ this tactic will work for you. This tactic is working for them ≠ this tactic should become my strategy. Be careful what you read, and, more important, be careful what you do with it. Don’t trust anyone with “answers” until you understand what their question was. Don’t trust anyone […]

The Dog and The Shadow

At current exchange rates for insight, it takes 50 management books to equal one fable by Aesop.