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Unleashing the Voice of Tech Founders

It’s HARD building a new technology or business solution. But worse, it’s SAD doing so and getting nowhere with investors or early adopters. So much effort spent on enabling change that ends up not happening… What you need is a story to tell and a compelling message. Because vision is only in your head. Stories […]

The Essence of Thought Leadership

In some ways, thought leadership is just content CREATED by and for people who are passionate about what they do and SHARED in order to inspire and spread change. Once you remove the anxiety and buzzwords and nonsense, it comes down to one thing: care.

Against the Ideology of Stupid

I was bullied through most of school. A lot. Not just for being a non-conformist—eyeliner, torn clothes safety pins, as early 80s as you can imagine. Not just for being gay. Not just for coming from a single-parent household. There was a much deeper stigma… I was effortlessly, unstudiously, and unapologetically smart (i.e., good at […]

The Anti-Intellectual Cult of Writing Advice

Too much writing advice is just good old-fashioned tent-revival anti-intellectual crap. Writing experts intone their points with the cynical piety of anyone who broadcasts truisms—cynical because it positions those experts as having the solution to redeem people from their doomed attempts at thinking. I’m old enough to remember when dogma dictated we should write for […]

Lead With Why: How to Position Yourself as a Thought Leader in Your Industry

Founders, innovators, product managers: When you’re building something new, it’s easy to start ignoring the why. It’s even more likely that you forget to be vocal about why. Then you finally have something ready for investors or the market—but you feel like you’re starting at zero again. Your idea of what is new and better […]