10 Traits of Successful Thought-Leading Organizations

To achieve thought leadership at the organizational level takes some work. But there’s good news. Much of this work does not require a huge outlay of capital or high levels of effort. Instead, it requires simply stopping dysfunctional processes and changing mindsets. Here’s what thought-leading organizations do to stay ahead of the pack

Thought Leaders and Gatekeepers

Operational effectiveness in creating and publishing thought leadership is essential in competitive, ideas-driven industries. But when organizations do not clearly map out who can make which decisions and under what circumstances, every gatekeeper ends up with veto rights. That messiness is exacerbated by the natural human inclination to have opinions and preferences and the difficulty of preventing those from spilling into bias.

Better Meetings Put “Better” on the Agenda

Meetings waste time and energy when the concept of “better” is left off the agenda. Every participant needs a clear idea of the agenda and their role. No meeting should take place without a clear set of decisions and outcomes that will be formed and agreed during the meeting’s timeframe. These are the basics of […]

Train Your Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are notorious ankle-biters. Some owners and trainers attribute it to the small size of the breed. Others cite (probably) apocryphal stories that chihuahuas were bred to harass opponents in battle, keeping them distracted with a frustrating pack of nipping animals. Those of us more focused on the twenty-first-century workplace have our own chihuahuas to […]