Planning Your Marketing Budget

Do you want to make better use of your B2B marketing budget and resources in 2023? Slash your ad spend. Or eliminate it. For many B2B companies, there is huge impact from engaging even a small percentage of the 1,000 decision makers who matter most. Spend your money and time finding them, creating relevance for […]

How to Stay Balanced

Syncresis turns 15 today!  On November 1, 2007, I filed the LLC paperwork for the business. And here we are, in 2022.  It’s not a linear story. Syncresis focused on digital patient engagement in healthcare, then communication strategy in several industries, and now on thought leadership for financial innovators. It has lived as a side […]

Fundamental Principles of Marketing and Communication

“Two fundamental principles of marketing and communication:  Attention is a limited and non-renewable resource. Communicators have a moral obligation to earn it and use it well.  Transgression is generative. New thinking requires crossing the lines of old norms.” Read my full interview with Genius X for more.

The Dog and The Shadow

At current exchange rates for insight, it takes 50 management books to equal one fable by Aesop.