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Embracing Playfulness, Flexibility, and Resilience

Be an octopus.

No, not putting your (unwanted) arms and hands everywhere. But like this:

The octopus is PLAYFUL. They have been observed short-circuiting their tank lighting, spraying water at people, and throwing items. They are masters of mimicry. They even seem to prank other animals.

The octopus is FLEXIBLE. They can unlock cage doors and squeeze through the tiniest cracks due to their lack of rigid bones.

The octopus is INVENTIVE. They are capable of problem-solving and learning through observation. Experiments show octopuses can navigate mazes, open childproof bottles, and unscrew lids.

The octopus is RESILIENT. They are essentially decentralized beings. They have three hearts and distributed brains with two-thirds of neurons localized in their arms, which can move independently and autonomously. They can also regenerate limbs and self-amputate in a crisis.

The octopus is SINGULAR. Each one is different. They have personalities, moods, and individual food preferences. Some enjoy interacting with others while others are more aloof.

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