Five Reasons Your Practice Should Not Create Patient Education Content

  1. You don’t want any pesky new patients or their revenue
  2. You don’t care whether patients stay engaged and healthy between office visits
  3. You’d rather your patients “learn it on the streets” and stumble over less reliable sources
  4. Your reputation for expertise and quality of care does not matter to you
  5. You think it’s better for patients to find your competitors when searching for health information online

Obviously, this is intended as satire. When planning your content strategy, don’t forget the key facts. (Data from Pew Internet)

  • 72% of U.S. adults consult the Internet for health information
  • 77% of health information searchers start with search engines, not well-known consumer health websites
  • 53% of adults who find condition or treatment information online look for a medical professional to follow up
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