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Five Use Cases for ChatGPT in Thought Leadership

1. Ghostwriter Interview Prep

Prompt: “Act as an [industry] expert. What are the 5 most important things I need to know about [topic]? Explain it to me like I am [audience description].”

Value: Saves time in creating interview questions and learning topic basics

2. Conventional Wisdom Detection

Prompt: “Why is [section or paragraph focus] important for [situation] and/or [audience] in [industry]?”

Value: Helps tease out unique insights by avoiding the ideas in the response 

3. Example Creation

Prompt: “Give me an example of [section or paragraph focus]”

Value: Helps brainstorm additional ideas for making the topic relevant

4. Follow-Up Interviewee for Ghostwriter

Prompt: “What is [technical term/acronym/regulation/etc.] in the context of [industry]?”

Value: Fills in gaps after a subject matter expert interview.

5. Comparison

Prompt: “Compare [concept] to [something unrelated]” (movies, books, food, animals, etc.)

Value: Helps brainstorm unexpected connections or compelling metaphors.

Some Caveats

  • Always probe ChatGPT for follow ups to its answers
  • Never use anything from ChatGPT as-is
  • Always check your facts
  • Never ask ChatGPT anything proprietary or confidential

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