From ‘Demand’ to ‘Delight’: Transforming Your Marketing Paradigm

Everything changes when you realize that “demand” is just an anagram for “damned.”

Many marketers (maybe most) live in a world of pain and demand and targeting. These are the actual words used.

Ok, “but they are just metaphors.”

There’s no such thing as just a metaphor, my friends.

If you can get your marketing out of the world of the damned, then you get at least to purgatory. But hopefully marketing paradise.

What does that mean? Not pain, but delight. Not demand, but resonance and harmony. Not targeting, but trust-building.

They really aren’t just metaphors. You can unscramble the anagram and then just walk away from it.

Into marketing based on entirely different premises, humans trusting humans and offering value to each other. Paradise.

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