How to Lose Credibility

Those of us involved in the crypto community don’t do ourselves any favors with breathless enthusiasm and over-promotion. 

I’m reading a book on DeFi right now, which is generally quite good. But it takes a lot of grains of salt to take it seriously because of its relentless use of the Terra blockchain as the unquestionable paradigm for the future of DeFi. The book makes many great points anyway, but seeing them requires giving the authors the benefit of the doubt on a completely unforced error.

There are promising chains and ecosystems, but why end up in the trash heap of unnecessary predictions? We can easily talk about what we prefer and what we would like to happen with measured caution. We can make a strong case for the power of particular projects and models and the logic behind potential scenarios. But absolute certainty and hype are the best ways to lose credibility.

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