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How to Stay Balanced

Syncresis turns 15 today! 

On November 1, 2007, I filed the LLC paperwork for the business. And here we are, in 2022. 

It’s not a linear story. Syncresis focused on digital patient engagement in healthcare, then communication strategy in several industries, and now on thought leadership for financial innovators. It has lived as a side project, a nearly-dormant business as I focused on a full-time role with a former client, and now a thriving company with clients totalling over $300 billion in market cap / valuation.

I’ve learned two seemingly contradictory things: 

  • Focus is everything
  • Pressure is nothing

The more I concentrated my attention on having the firm do one thing extremely well, the less it felt like hustle and grind. Yes, we work hard. No, we’re not complacent. But we stay radically balanced. I firmly believe anxiety kills excellence. That’s the ethos of how we work as a team and how we support clients.

Even if Syncresis evolves in new directions, that’s the one constant I want to maintain—always be simultaneously the calmest and most energetic person in the room.

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