How To Make Doctors Easy To Find On Your Practice Site

Here’s a simple list to super-charge your site navigation and make it as easy as possible for patients to find doctors within your organization, a consistent top-three item on the patient’s online wish list.

  1. Offer faceted navigation. You’ve seen it on Amazon, where you can set further options to filter down a search by price, brand, rating, etc. For doctors, common options include location, specialty, gender, language, and hospital affiliations.
  2. Generate automatic lists of doctors who service locations, so that patients can easily move from office details to find out who treats patients there.
  3. Generate automatic lists of doctors per speciality, department, and/or center, so that patients can easily move from details of the treatments you offer to find out who delivers them.
  4. Create robust search, including showing doctor results that match a particular disease or condition, and showing possible misspellings.
  5. Keep an active flow of content, including articles about your doctors’ credentials, awards, and activities, announcements of new hires, and patient education material authored or bylined by your doctors.
  6. Feature specific doctors on your home page. A friendly face and short bio blurb can have a big impact on getting patients to explore beyond the immediate need that drove them to your site.

See our assessment of how some of the top US hospitals have created doctor finders.

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