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Mastering Authenticity in Your Content Strategy

Authenticity isn’t (just) a way to get what you want. Still, the “A” word has been a running theme in my discussions with clients about 2024.

It’s generally a good principle. People trust people. Authenticity can anchor thought leadership, storytelling, community building, and connection.

Content that is actually about what we have to say in the world and what we believe is possible…I love that.

Content written by people for people…I love that, too.

It implies the pendulum shifting away from the dark future of generating empty content and regurgitating it at us.

But, of course, every trend has imitators and posers as well. In trying to be authentic, fast followers aren’t being it but simply aping it. It’s easy to turn authenticity into a ploy to get things from people—the language and behaviors of authenticity can be simulated.

The trick is to have clarity about what you actually intend to do with your authenticity. Are you sharing ideas and real stories crafted and articulated with care for their recipients? Or are you playing around with fauxthenticity?

To make it work, follow it through and build it into your content strategy, your plans for who says what and how to whom. Integrate activities to foster engagement and empathy into your 2024 planning.

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