More People Are Opening Email During Covid – What Does That Mean For You?

“So many companies increased the frequency of their email marketing in recent weeks that we decided to back off on email marketing entirely. It was time to give our list a break in the face of the barrage of messages from other companies,” says Christopher Fox of Syncresis.


2020-06-16: Marketing Tips for Small Businesses as Stay-at-home Orders Start Easing

In a stay-at-home world, you likely got creative about how you reached out to customers and found new ones. You may also have made changes to your products and services to meet customers’ new needs. As restrictions start to ease, don’t make the mistake of throwing those innovations away. People have come to appreciate some aspects of this new world. It awakened their inner introverts. Keep that changed psychology in mind as you reactivate your marketing.


2020-04-08: Funding in the Time of Corona: How Fintech Startups are Surviving

Therefore, Fox believes that “the fintechs that emerge from the coronavirus crisis with good investor and market traction will be those that focus on thought leadership and finding ways to get their message out in digital channels.” Indeed, ”whitepapers, videos, webinars, podcasts, and other digital means to communicate and engage will help startups remain visible now, and leapfrog those who went into quiet mode.”


2019-01-02: Tough Love for Business – 100 New Year’s Business Resolutions for 2019

Increase Impact with Kindness: This year, I will make kindness and compassion strategic priorities of my communication strategy business. Client relationships and projects will be measured against how much their outcomes and impact benefit others. In addition to the usual metrics for capturing the success of communication strategies, the focus will be on how they result in people knowing more and doing better. In addition, positive social impact will be a deciding factor in accepting new client business.


2016-08-29: Insureon – Building a Business Website? These 7 Questions Will Show You When to Outsource

“Make, market, and sell your products or services, and don’t let a web project distract you from that strategy,” Fox suggests.


2016-06-09: – 6 ways video can boost your business

“When trying to explain [your value proposition or] technology to nontechnical buyers, or a business process that has a lot of steps and interacting elements, you can combine audio and animation to help your audience understand what they need to know quickly and efficiently,” says Christopher G. Fox, managing partner, Syncresis, a healthcare marketing consultancy.


2015-07-07: NGDATA Blog – 30 Experts Share Their Most Effective Tactics and Techniques for Retaining Customers

My most effective customer retention tactic is… Kindness.

What I have learned over the years is that kindness trumps most other efforts to retain a customer. In my own B2B business, and in our work with B2B clients, we advise empathy first as a way to connect with customer needs.


2015-04-25: Strategic Communications – The Evolving Role of Email Marketing

[Segmentation] is important to help create messaging that will gain the audience’s attention—and action. Christopher Fox, Ph.D., managing partner with Syncresis, LLC, a healthcare marketing consultancy based in Los Angeles, agrees. “In most cases, email lists are still under-segmented,”he says. “In other words, you are sending emails that are not targeted precisely enough.


2015-04-23: Verizon Wireless News – Study Shows Text Message-Based Health Interventions Are Working

Apps, too, can be confusing. “With an app, you have to download it, and then you have to learn how to use all its bells and whistles,” says Christopher G. Fox of Syncresis, a health and tech consultancy firm. “It’s a crowded market where many apps do similar things, so it’s hard to know as a patient which one is best for you. And the interface is different in every one.”


2015-04-09: Docurated – 33 Marketing Experts Reveal The Key To An Effective Enterprise Marketing Strategy

What’s the single most important component of an effective enterprise marketing strategy?…

Because an enterprise marketing strategy requires collaboration across many team members, including vendors, you need to develop a crisp and clear brand strategy that everyone knows how to execute.