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Navigating Complicity in Leadership

Sometimes, your own actions cause situations you say or think you don’t want. Maybe you say you don’t want to be responsible for everything, but your team has frozen up, passively waiting for your next arbitrary whim. Because it always goes down that way. There are countless examples.

The brilliant Jerry Colonna talks about this complicity in leadership in his prior book, Reboot. In his new book, Reunion, he zooms out and talks about complicity at the social and global level. How do your actions reinforce conditions you say you don’t want? This should be a huge question for marketers!

I’m still working through the book, but I will say this—read it!

I’ll share my extended thoughts in next week’s newsletter—how are we marketers complicit in bigger human-scale problems when we create cultures of getting things from people? Getting attention, clicks, likes, leads. And how can ideas-led marketing, such as thought leadership, inspire better cultures?

I’ll also share some reservations and questions I’m asking myself about the concept of “belonging.” Good marketing can create or reinforce belonging over targeting. But maybe we also need to make more room for NOT belonging. More to come on Tuesday next week.

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