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No Time to Go Silent

Someone asked me yesterday whether I thought that a looming recession would make premium content seem like a costly, expendable luxury. Not at all.

Companies that make strategic cuts to costs without slashing away at muscle are in the best position to outperform competitors. Research from Bain & Company found that companies investing during the last recession grew at a 17% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), compared with 0% among those that underinvested. And they continued to outperform as the economy improved.

Four Takeaways:

  1. Remember that your customers/clients are in search of insights to help them adjust to downturn conditions.
  2. Get out in front of client needs with substantive thought leadership.
  3. Create warmer prospects by influencing their understanding of current conditions.
  4. Sustain sales conversations at lower cost—especially when many of your competitors are retreating from marketing.

Short answer: it’s no time to go silent while waiting for things to improve.

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