Strategy + Planning

A strategy is not viable unless you have a clear line of sight and an action plan.

Questions we explore:

  • Which ideas offer you the most potential to produce leadership results?
  • What and where is the knowledge within your firm?
  • Is your organization optimized for consistent, high-quality thought leadership?
  • Who are your high-potential experts and how ready are they?
  • Which audiences matter most?
  • What are your peers and competitors doing?
  • What must you achieve quarterly and monthly?
  • How can you activate and enable thought leaders in your firm?

What's included:

  • Topic and key message definition
  • Speaker and expert assessments
  • Detailed audience segmentation
  • Online surveys
  • Competitive analysis
  • Media and conference/event planning
  • Comprehensive editorial calendars
  • Thought leader development planning

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