Patient Engagement Strategies (For Online) – Part 2 of 3

The always insightful Michael Krivich recently wrote about nine patient engagement strategies needed in a world where patient engagement is an “all the time” necessity. What struck me was the extent to which each of these is inseparable from a well-executed online strategy, so I was inspired to add more to the thinking.

Summaries of the strategies are mine:

Strategy 4: Create a sense of community. It’s not just about loyalty. Shape behaviors to the point where patients will recommend unconditionally.

Takeaway: Offer specific features that allow patients to connect with each other and to share and recommend information about your doctors and services.

Strategy 5: Know the audience and with whom one is speaking. This is really back-to-basics CRM targeting gender, age, integration of risk assessments, culture etc.

Takeaway: Create clear hooks throughout the online experience where people can choose what they want to see based on the audience segments they belong to .

Strategy 6: Test and measure. The only way to figure out what’s working is to test and measure in a methodical way.

Takeaway: Measure site traffic and paths holistically, including being able to track responses to print materials driving traffic online, and online behavior driving patients to call and to schedule appointments.

Update: Here are part 1 and part 3 of this series.

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