Patient Engagement Strategies (For Online) – Part 3 of 3

The always insightful Michael Krivich recently wrote about nine patient engagement strategies needed in a world where patient engagement is an “all the time” necessity. What struck me was the extent to which each of these is inseparable from a well-executed online strategy, so I was inspired to add more to the thinking.

Summaries of the strategies are mine:

Strategy 7. Run a multifaceted, highly integrated campaign. With social media, smartphones, web, text messaging, mobile messaging, etc. The healthcare consumer and patient are inviting healthcare organizations to engage them and engage them all the time.

Takeaway: Cross-market heavily, driving patients up the hierarchy of online engagement, from using your site as a directory to using your site as a tool for tracking and enabling healthier behaviors.

Strategy 8. Know the influence of culture on behavior to engage.

Takeaway: Beyond translated versions of content, offer specific content that explicitly addresses the needs of cultural segments that are part of your community, from family concerns to dietary and social information that promotes healthier behavior.

Strategy 9. Communicate relevant messages to a committed patient right before healthcare decisions are made. That means knowing the patient like have never before.

Takeaway: This is critical. Often the patient’s first impression of a doctor or a treatment comes from learning about it online. Make sure you set expectations you can exceed, and lay the foundation for what happens during and after a visit.

Here are part 1 and part 2 of this series.

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