Recession Be Damned

A few random thoughts about the prospects of a recession.

  • Just keep making progress. If it rains, you might bring an umbrella, but you still can go the places you want to go.
  • Take care of people as much as you can, and fill in the cracks with kindness.
  • Worrying about a recession is a little bit like buying a dog to eat your homework before you even sign up for the class.
  • Unless you’re a central banker or senior government official, it’s not really your problem.
  • Notice how many of the people prophesying recession the loudest are those with the most upside from a downturn.
  • Adapt your message, but don’t change your essence.
  • I think we need a hashtag: #recessionbedamned — as in, I’m, going to focus and thrive, #recessionbedamned

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