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Serving Up Success

Not every content strategy you read about is healthy or nutritious. Sometimes, it’s just gross—chewed-up scraps that won’t make anybody feel good.

You might think you’re being thrifty or efficient by serving up your leftovers with some chips, but it’s not often all that appetizing. Or nourishing. Regurgitation often just makes people gag (just like this extended metaphor).

What’s the point of this post? Seriously, think of ham salad when you plan out content assets.

Does your content pass the “ham salad test”?

Or something equally unappealing. Maybe head cheese?

  • Does it look good on a plate?
  • Are you making something new or just dressing up scraps?
  • Are you adding insult to injury by stirring in more ingredients?
  • Does anyone want to eat these leftovers?
  • Is what you are serving any good for them?
  • What will they think of you if you hand them a plate of it?
  • What do they expect given the amazing meals they can get elsewhere?

No ham salad. No head cheese. No revulsion.

Make something good!

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