The Story Of Story To College and Story2

As part of my broader personal vision of using online engagement and education to promote better lives, I occasionally work with unique companies outside of healthcare.

My latest such work has been with Story To College, a company that brings the art and science of storytelling to students in the college application process, throughout college, and into the work world. The company has launched Story2, an online platform teaches students how to write successful college admission and scholarship essays, on their own, and in their own voices. It makes essential highlights from the proprietary Story To College Moments Method® available to students online and around the world. Story2 incorporates dynamic games and activities into the learning process, empowering students to record and transcribe stories, and to map, draft and revise essays. It also connects students with trained admissions experts who review essays and provide personalized written feedback.

I’m especially proud to see the company’s well-deserved recent media traction:

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