Testimonials 1

Chris’s approach to content strategy and thought leadership has been a huge asset to Splitit. His work is consistent with the highest quality. His insights on marketing and communications have been invaluable to me and the marketers on my team. He has helped us increase our visibility and get traction with our marketing efforts. He also does an amazing job dedicating himself to the needs of clients. I can always count on him to be kind, responsive, and committed to doing the right thing for our company.

Gil L.
VP, Global Marketing, Payments Fintech

I continue to be impressed with Christopher’s ability to quickly grasp the intricacies of complex technical subjects at lightning speed, and with his talent to generate sophisticated content on such topics. As a consummate content strategist, Chris is the ideal partner for fast-growing businesses looking for effective ways to articulate their message.

Francesco M.
CEO/Founder, Financial Compliance Consultancy

Chris has an incredible understanding of key issues and how to make them resonate with your audience. His depth of knowledge of salient topics – even in highly specialized areas of financial services – guide you in the right direction for success. I recommend Chris highly as a strategist, writer, advisor, editor, and more.

Cora C.
Integrated Marketing Strategist, Global Institutional Bank

Chris has a very contagious passion for learning and getting to the bottom of the story so the outcomes of his work (i.e. articles, blogs and press releases) are always deep and engaging. He helped us to identify topics interesting to our clients and environment based on thorough research of media, data online, and short interviews with our experts. He takes time to understand our senior management priorities and marry them up successfully with the client’s needs. If you are looking for someone who can translate your content strategy into meaningful and impactful pieces, Chris will be the right person for the job!

Katerina R.
Marketing Lead, EMEA & APAC, Global Institutional Bank

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