The Power of AI in Pitch Decks

“GPT-4-generated pitch decks are 3x more likely to secure funding than human ones.” (according to Clarify Capital)

Do you think the takeaway from this finding is that you should use ChatGPT or other tools to create your pitch deck?

Think again—it’s actually telling us three things:

  • Most pitch decks are terrible. No data from the Clarify study, but I would love to see how the most successful human-generated decks compared to the GPT-4 decks.
  • Many funders are chasing trailing indicators (old buzz) rather than leading indicators (novel innovations). But how many of the investors in this research who said they would invest would ultimately act on their impulses?
  • VC funding gives founders money, but it also has a deliberate winnowing effect. It helps VC firms demonstrate they are putting their capital to work while shaking out founders with weak ideas and low ability to execute. The analogy—forest management. Controversial but true.

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