The Power of Deep Specialists

Do you want to be known as an innovator in financial technology? Think about what it would be like working with someone who truly understood your business.

Most of my clients come to me with unfortunate ideas about what it’s like working with a content agency. They have spent a lot of time and money on content that seems general, superficial, or just doesn’t capture what they want to convey. And guess what? They’re right.

Here’s the thing. Most content agencies are generalists by design. They have to be. The writer you work with today will go on tomorrow and work with another company in a completely different industry. Generalist writers do a great job of writing general audience content and they are trained to do so.

But your work is different. You are actually changing how banking works. Imagine the difference when you work with a specialist in thought leadership for fintech innovators. You probably didn’t even know there was such a thing.

Here’s what you get when you work with a deep specialist.

You get someone who knows the issues in your specific slice of the financial industry. You get someone who knows the difference between cliches and insights. You get someone who knows how to ask the right questions. You get someone who can draw out your best thinking, and engage with your expertise at a peer level.

The difference is extraordinary. With a deep specialist, gone are the days of first draft flops. Thought leaders who believed they just didn’t have time for this are quickly heard and understood. You have a partner who can take and run with a five-minute conversation and develop a whole campaign around it.

You’re not really an innovator in the world until people know about what you’re doing and why it matters. The difference in having a deep specialist to work with is that you have a partner who understands that, too.

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