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The Power of Thought Leadership for High-Stakes Decisions

One thing B2B marketers often get wrong—they use generic, mass-market tactics for small-to-mid-sized businesses when their buyers are large enterprises. They put traffic ahead of trust.

This mistake seems more common among smaller and newer providers, but it happens elsewhere, too.

The thing is, the buying decision for a high-stakes, high-ticket purchase doesn’t work like an ancillary or lower-cost product. The company’s reputation and stability are on the line (and so is the decision-maker’s career).

Trust is essential. Helping decision-makers think differently about their problems and potential solutions changes the dynamic. You’re resetting the way they see their world. And thought leadership is enormously effective for making that shift happen.

If you’re thinking you don’t have the resources or budget to do thought leadership, think again. You’re really telling yourself you aren’t equipped to succeed with sophisticated, high-trust buyers.

Maybe that’s fine, but in many cases, it contradicts your desired positioning. It means your tactics are inhibiting your strategy.

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