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The Ripple Effect of Personal Commitment

Aaaaand, we’re back…

Spend time this year looking deeply at what you think and what you are choosing to commit to. And then tell people about it!

Doing so benefits individuals, teams, and entire companies.

Moreover, it directs those benefits outwards so that you are actively working on making a world better.

That world doesn’t need to have planetary stakes. It can be as modest as a particular corner of the global financial system (like my clients), an approach for solving an irritating business problem in any industry, a way of working with others, or a choice in how you market. What matters is that it’s the piece of the world that you are choosing to make better.

You can wrap your efforts to talk about it in the buzzwords and garments of “thought leadership” or not—the point is that by talking about it openly, in any format you can imagine, you’re doing the work to bring a bit more light into the world.

It’s worth lifting up your head from that work from time to time and acknowledging the value you’re creating.

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