The Zero-Based Approach

Zero-based thinking is powerful.

Do your planning and allocating from scratch whenever you are doing a reset or hitting a milestone (like a new year).

Zero-based budgets: don’t increment past numbers. Start from zero and justify everything.

Zero-based time management: don’t tweak your calendar and to-do lists. Start them from a blank page.

Zero-based meetings: don’t meet just because you met before. Start by assuming every meeting is unnecessary unless proven otherwise.

Zero-based process improvement: don’t fiddle around with the edges. Start by imagining how things would work if you planned them from scratch.

Zero-based org design: don’t rearrange chess pieces. Start with results and map your talent to them.

Creators do zero-based thinking all the time. Or should. We start with a blank page or screen. Many times, even if you’ve written something / created something similar before, it’s better to restart from zero. If you bring too many past examples into your work, you constrain your field of innovation.

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