Thought Leadership: Brand Building or Demand Generation?

Is thought leadership brand building or demand generation? Both! 

Thought leadership generates better leads because it helps you qualify them with a sense of underlying like-mindedness. Leads who respond to thought leadership campaigns are already telling you they have some sort of interest in your view of industry trends and challenges. 

There are other benefits, too. Thought leadership warms up a sales conversation because it helps put people on the same page, more than just mapping a need to a solution. 

And taking a campaign-based approach gives sales more tools to sustain the conversation—related insights, additional points of view. New campaign assets create a stronger reason to reach out again than just following up. And, done well, each interaction accumulates into influencing the way prospects see their challenges and the best ways to address them. 

No guarantee, but sustained conversations anchored in thought leadership raise the odds that you will win like-minded customers and serve their needs well. It’s a slower process but with better outcomes over time.

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