Syncresis® works with banks, other financial service providers, and fintechs to develop a thought leadership strategy and then execute on it.

Thought leadership is a targeted communication strategy in which you contribute to setting the agenda for your industry or field.

Via thought leadership, you can demonstrate a powerful mix of competence or expertise and uniqueness. In other words, thought leadership provides a critical connection point of trust between you and your target audiences.

Especially in the B2B market, trust is at a premium. That’s why thought leadership can unlock and galvanize marketing, employee engagement, recruiting, and interaction with your clients, peers, influencers, and players within your industry.

Companies who marshal thought leadership to achieve their audience objectives do so by means of both individual experts and through their overall corporate voice.

Syncresis offers a range of services from initial discovery through execution. We can meet you wherever you are on your thought leadership journey and help you go further to achieve your underlying objectives.


Syncresis® uses simple and effective research tools to help you find out where you are with your thought leadership today and where you can go. Our leading-edge cognitive, behavioral and ethnographic techniques help you uncover objective answers and hidden factors that spark the trust cycle of thought leadership.


We offer standalone discovery. We also carry out initial discovery as part of every engagement, so that you have an immediate view on how to act on the findings.


  • What and where is the knowledge within our firm?
  • How does our firm knowledge connect to our revenue streams?
  • Who are our high-potential experts and how ready are they to achieve their potential?
  • Which audiences matter most?
  • Where do those audiences consume thinking and expertise?
  • What are our peers and competitors doing?


  • Thought leadership inventory
  • Speaker and expert assessments
  • Audience segmentation
  • Online surveys
  • User interviews
  • Contextual inquiry
  • Competitive analysis

Strategic Planning

The Syncresis® approach to strategy gives you a clear vision and plan for where to establish thought leadership. It also provides a detailed how to use media (online and print) and events (industry conferences and other speaking engagements) to deliver on your aspirations to achieve or enhance industry thought leadership.


Our core belief is that it’s not a viable strategy if you don’t have a clear line of sight for how to act on it.


  • What are the ideas where we can truly lead and get results?
  • Which specific audience segments have the most reach and impact?
  • Which channels have the most impact?
  • What must we achieve quarterly and monthly?
  • How should we activate individual thought leaders within our firm?


  • Thought leadership inventory
  • Speaker and expert assessments
  • Detailed audience segmentation
  • Media and conference/event planning
  • Thought leader development planning


Once you have a strategy in place, you have to act on it. Syncresis® develops and delivers content in all media to meet your thought leadership objectives. We help you make complex concepts clear and simple in ways that truly connect with your target audiences. We also train and coach your thought leaders, and provide regular progress assessments against your strategy.


We offer execution services as a natural extension of our discovery and strategy as well as on a standalone basis.


  • Ghostwriting and editing for whitepapers, article, and blogs
  • “Snackable content” development (social, infographics, short videos, etc.)
  • Messaging and talking points
  • Speaker presentations
  • Press releases and media pitches


  • Subject matter deep-dive interviews
  • Media training sessions
  • One-on-one coaching and mentorship of thought leaders
  • “Media coach on-demand” service subscriptions
  • “Editor on-demand” service subscriptions