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When Influence Becomes Ubiquity

I finally figured it out! I know why 90% of all the tips and truisms posted here sound the same, and I learned where they come from.

It’s all from James Clear’s Atomic Habits. I’m very late to the game in reading it. It’s an excellent book. It’s also very obvious how many LinkedIn posts say exactly the same things.

I’m not saying it’s intentional plagiarism. It’s that Atomic Habits has woven itself into the collective awareness of people who read and think about optimizing productivity and performance. The ideas have approached ubiquity.

But after you read it, it makes a lot of what people post seem less novel and insightful.

Its pervasiveness is a fascinating phenomenon to consider for anyone interested in thought leadership and influence.

  • How do you get your ideas to become endemic within a population?
  • How do you push your thinking beyond the conventional wisdom that you’ve internalized?
  • Are people adopting or simply repeating your thinking?

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