Why Not Everyone ‘Getting You’ is a Good Thing

There’s a possible downside to a personal brand.* What if people don’t get it? Or they don’t get you?

The fear is that “not getting you” means some people don’t understand you or even like you all that much.

But keep in mind that when people don’t get you, they also don’t get the benefit of your talent, time, or courage. They don’t get to have you. They don’t derive anything from the value you offer.

But your brand is not just an aggregate of traits and perceptions—it’s also a fantastic filter of noise that helps you focus on signal. Focusing your energy on the people who do get it means focusing your energy on the people who deserve to have you.

And then? A stronger brand, better commercial outcomes, deeper satisfaction from your work.

* Part of my brand is that I’m not a big fan of this phrase. But it makes the point well enough.

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