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Pruning the Web of Smut

I have a mission—to rid the internet of smut content. No, it’s not what you’re probably thinking. Although it’s likely just as lost a cause. Smut is a kind of fungus that shows up as dark, sooty spores. Over time, smuts can choke off leaves’ photosynthesis. Some varieties grow on the leaves of fruit trees […]

B2B Marketing Empathy and Effectiveness

Are B2B marketers sadists? You’d think so from all the talk about pain points. But no, B2B buyers are not usually in pain. At least not for any reasons you’re hoping for and fetishizing. Even worse, your offering is not a painkiller. Sorry. You wish. But it’s just not that addictive. On the plus side, […]

The Shift from Filling Spaces to Creating Meaning

Once you start thinking about “content,” it’s over. You’re already in a world of bottomless, numberless containers that need to be filled for their own sake. You’re already shouting messages no one wants to hear into holes no one wants to be in. You’re creating meaningless tokens that have no value outside of a game […]

Embracing the Diamond Rule

You have a responsibility to yourself to treat other people well. You have a responsibility to other people to treat yourself well. You = yourself, your family, your team, your organization, and your local and national governments. It’s kind of a variation on the Golden Rule but with more facets. Maybe it should be called […]

Shaping Your Thought Leadership Identity

Who are you as a thought leader? Choosing a persona can be a useful technique for creating consistency in your work. Adopting them can shape both individual pieces of thought leadership and an overarching brand. In this week’s issue of The Graceful Thought Leader, I wrote about nine archetypal personas for how to approach a […]