Breaking the Thought Leadership Mold

So many thought leadership efforts get stuck in the commodity box. So how can they break out and keep out? First, focus on insight. Make sure you’re not just creating safe or informational content. It’s easy, but low value. Instead, help people rethink an issue. Next, make your POV personal. The best thought leadership shares […]

A Personal Reflection on 9/11 and the Unpredictability of Life

Long before “work from home” was considered legitimate, the morning of 9/11/2001, I decided that I would stay home to finish an article I was working on for my employer at the time. Purely a personal judgment call. I figured the finished product would get me out of the hot water of showing up late. […]

Are You Ready to Think Outside the Box?

Now is a great time to take inventory of your thought leadership capabilities ahead of detailed 2024 planning. Here are several core questions you should be asking yourself now:

Shifting from Metrics to Meaningful Conversations

Here’s my challenge to you as you think about how to measure thought leadership outcomes in 2024. Stop focusing on metrics like views, clicks, likes, and leads. Stop worrying about SEO. Instead, start having conversations. Ask your sales team, “Did you use this in a meeting? How did it help you? What else would help […]

A Strategic Blueprint in One Simple Step

Marketers can take a practical step towards building 2024 thought leadership TODAY with one simple action. Schedule a 30-minute call with client-facing subject-matter experts. If you don’t have names, find them out. The agenda is to ask them about what questions clients have started asking lately and what trends they see emerging. Develop and share […]