Chris Fox, One of the Experts in the Genius X Advisory Program

Confirmed experts taking part in the Genius X Advisory Program are: Patrick Tobler, CEO of NMKR, NFT Marketplace & General business expert Dr. Lars Brünjes, CTO of Genius Yield and Education Director at IOG, Plutus expert Laurent Bellandi, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Genius Yield, Leadership expert Christopher Fox, Founder and Managing Partner of Syncresis, […]

Soar Marketing Society Presentation by Christopher Fox

Christopher G. Fox, Managing Partner and Founder at Syncresis, has been invited to give a talk by Soar Marketing Society on Wednesday, October 5th at 1:00 PM EDT. The event entitled “Soar Growth Series: Build Thought Leadership That Wins Trust and Influence” was free for members of Soar Marketing Society, an online community for b2b […]

Matters of Perspective

“Take a moment to look outside yourself. It’s all about perspective. And speaking of perspective, here’s something truly awe-inspiring.